On the Ground Experience

“Better living through hydraulics”

I started saying this about 15 years ago when I got my first backhoe.  I was operating a small building business that employed 10 people and the phrase summed up my experience with that new machine. My work and my life all seemed a little better and a little easier. Eventually that machine turned into a 10-ton double-boomed excavator with a tilt rotator – and now things have gotten even better. I have a small excavation company and no employees.

I do driveway work, drainage work, land clearing, tree work, stone walls, septic projects, new foundations, and foundation repair work and a lot of trail building for a local nordic ski area. In the last 15 years I have learned a lot about excavators – operating them, repairing them, and earning a living with them. I’ve put a lot of hours and enjoyed most of them.

I work on my own and like it because it’s simple and easy. I’m often looking for equipment options that can help me make that possible. Many of the products that I’m now promoting have resulted from my efforts to work more effectively, efficiently and safely.

What I have strived to do for my own excavation business and now for LittleMule Equipment is to find and use equipment that makes my life better, offers a better service and value to the people I work for, and on some small level makes the world a better place. My goal at LittleMule is to ”work smarter not harder. “

Nils Smith, Owner
Nils Smith, Owner

Installation and Troubleshooting

“With you every step of the way”

When you purchase a product from Little Mule Equipment, you not only get a great innovative product but also the continuing support of our installation and troubleshooting team. We have experience installing and troubleshooting Tiltrotators and Tree Shears all over the country. We provide in-person, phone and video-chat support to help you get your product running perfectly.

Phone Support: 802-373-2246