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Superpower your excavator to de-limb, cut and load trees faster and safer than traditional climbing and chainsawing.

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We're the #1 U.S. Distributor for Finland's best tree shear and saw grapple manufacturer, BIOJACK. 4-in-1 wood grapples help you easily, delimb, cut, load and gather, easier and faster than ever.

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“My goal at Little Mule is to help you ‘work smarter not harder’ I strive to offer you innovative equipment and support to make your business and life better. “
– Nils Smith, Owner


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Little Mule Equipment?

We have game-changing excavator-mounted tree shears for forestry, roadside, and utility line cleanup.

Before other shears have finished making their first cut, the Biojack Tree Shear has moved on to the next tree. An effective cutting mechanism allows the Biojack tree shear to employ a smaller cutting cylinder, allowing for faster cutting cycle time and a lighter tree shear.

Why Biojack?

Biojack is the best manufacturer of heavy duty tree shears that we've tested - and we've tested many.

For years Finland has been a world leader in the development of forestry equipment. We've worked with manufacturers like Biojack in Finland with excavators and tree shears for years. This proven and tested design is the result of many years of trial and error.

Biojack equipment is constructed using premium-grade materials like Weldox 700 and Hardox 500, ensuring exceptional strength and durability without compromising on quality.

How much will I save?

Time, money, fuel, injuries? You'll save all four.

An excavator-mounted shear can reach out, up, down, cut a tree or limb, bring it back, and place it for the next sequence of work, all without moving the work platform. Access trees on slopes, reach over fences, landscaped spaces or other obstacles that would prevent access. This approach is more time efficient, minimizes site impact, and reduces fuel consumption.

Do you have demonstrations?

We demo tree cutting tech on our YouTube channel - follow for new content that will make your job faster and life easier.

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