A game-changing excavator-mounted tree shear for forestry, roadside, and utility line cleanup.

Before other shears have finished making their first cut, the TMK Tree Shear has moved on to the next tree. An effective cutting mechanism allows the TMK tree shear to employ a smaller cutting cylinder, allowing for faster cutting cycle time and a lighter tree shear.

TMK 200 TMK 300 TMK 400
Max. opening 700mm 730mm 1070mm
Max. cutting soft woods 200mm 300mm 400mm
Max. cutting hard woods 180mm 250mm 350mm
Base machine size 2-8 ton 5-20 ton 10-30 ton
Weight without attachments 165kg 295kg 535kg
Weight with all attachments 255kg 800kg 730kg

Why TMK?


Road and Utility Cleanup

With the TMK Shear collector and grapple grip system, you can safely reach dangerous limbs, cut them, and safely bring them down to the ground. For larger trees, you can cut them down in pieces, reaching up and removing the top half safely. With the top half gone, you can more safely cut the bottom half with a chain saw.

Vegetation Mat for Logging Access

The TMK Tree Shear on an excavator offers a great tool for laying out a vegetation mat for logging access. With the shear you can collect all available material 20 to 30 feet from each side of the trail, cut, and lay it down. This system minimizes impact and can make logging in areas possible at times that would otherwise not be accessible.

Tree Shear Videos